The role of the Code of Ethics is to establish the principles, behaviour, values, practices and conducts that govern and guide the actions of employees and staff who form part of any of the Copcisa Corp group companies, irrespective of their type of contractual relationship with the Organization.

This Code, approved in 2015 and last modified in 2021, establishes a starting point for the Company's ethical and conduct model. Among its goals is the orientation of practices for relations between employees, and also their activities with clients, shareholders, suppliers, outside collaborators, public and private institutions and society in general.

Within the Copcisa Corp Group, the Risk Management Monitoring Group is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Code of Ethics and also for establishing measures to identify, control and evaluate possible non-compliances. There is also an Internal Reporting Channel which allows any type of possible irregular conduct to be easily communicated. This very important provision is an effective tool that allows anyone to ask questions or communicate possible breaches of the Code of Ethics as well as any irregular or improper conduct.

The operational rules of the Internal Reporting Channel are included in its corresponding Handbook. The Mailbox's function is to allow employees and other professional staff to communicate any risk or non-compliance with the Code of Ethics.

How can you inform?

The Internal Reporting Channel is made up of different channels, created specifically to allow the informant, whether employee, supplier, subcontractor, customer or collaborator, to make the appropriate communications.

The communication channels of the Internal Reporting Channel also allow for the submission and subsequent processing of anonymous communications. You are not required to provide any personal information.

The Internal Reporting Channel shall guarantee the existence of the following channels for submitting information or communications:

  • Written:

    • By postal mail addressed to the Risk Management Monitoring Committee of Copcisa Corp c/Navas de Tolosa 161, 08224 Terrassa
    • Or by telematic means through the company's website:
  • Verbal:

    • By telephone at 937 454 400 requesting to contact the Risk Management Monitoring Committee.
    • Or by voice messaging through the company website.
  • Face-to-face, through a meeting with the Risk Management Monitoring Committee.

When making the communication, the informant may indicate an address, email or safe place for the purpose of receiving notifications.

Communication content

  • The type of infraction or irregularity you want to report.
  • Description of the events and place where they took place.
  • Mention the time, the date and if it is something recurring.
  • Documentation in any format, if you have access to it. If you do not have access to it, but you know that said documentation exists, indicate what information it is and where it can be found.
  • Details of any action you have taken regarding inappropriate conduct.

In all cases, we recommend that you report the action in the most descriptive and detailed manner possible, indicating references to days, incidents, facts and witnesses.