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We believe in culture as an engine of an evolving society, moving towards excellence

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› Over the years, assistance to the cultural sector has significantly increased. Copcisa Industrial supports very different institutions and cultural bodies

› Of note:

· Contemporary Culture Centre of Barcelona
· Circle of Infrastructures Foundation


Copcisa Industrial works with different aspects of culture and the arts. We believe in culture as the engine of an advancing society and with this conviction the company strives to participate in the shared objectives of all citizens.

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In addition to helping these well-known institutions or cultural projects that undertake the praiseworthy task of spreading culture, there are other smaller projects which also benefit from collaboration with Copcisa Industrial. Although smaller in financial terms, these projects have enormous potential for society due to the values that they uphold and the example that they set. An example of it is the of the Theatre of the Sol company.

This all falls in line with the cultural patronage that makes Copcisa Industrial one of the great champions in this sphere. Copcisa Industrial is convinced that all the cultural knowledge arising from these patronages will spread to people and will leave a significant footprint of great value. This is the great success aspired to in the field of cultural patronage.

And while its contribution to society as whole is centred around the culture sector, Copcisa Industrial also works with other associations of a more social nature. This is the case of the Prodis Foundation, who works with children that have some type of learning disability.

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